Medibella anti-agEing CENTER

What kind of issue is bothering you, and what can we do to solve it?

Belgrade Medibella is the place where you will solve your current problems of the skin of the face and body, as well as those related to inexorable aging or constitution. You will fulfill your secret or clear desire to correct something discreetly without surgery. Age doesn’t matter.

Beautification with medical non-surgical correction, rejuvenation with state-of-the-art lasers at the 4D level, with proven fillers and other new molecules, quickly and effortlessly. Body shaping and rejuvenation are our tasks, and we know that we do a great job.

We transform the structure of the skin, returning it to its previous better state with the help of laser energy, and fluence.

– Anti-Ageing with proven devices and medical methods –

What do we do?

Facial rejuvenation at Medibella begins with a skin analysis. The following is a selection of one or more procedures that we will advise you on.

  • Medibella computerized skin analysis tells us what your skin is like and what it needs for care. If you are curious, make mistakes regarding skin care, or if you are very young and have just become aware that the skin needs to be cared for, you should do a skin analysis and know exactly which products you should use.
  • The best laser devices are a signature of Medibella care. Fotona is a wolrd renown laser in medical problem solving and anti-ageing area, like Ferrari in motoring. Fotona has a solution for everything that happens to the skin, be it young, with various problems of male alopecia, acne,acne scars, striae, scars, or fine lines, the ones on the threshold of aging, or the prominent signs of an aged skin. We will stop aging, turn back the years, and you will be beautiful and young within your realistic expectations.

Diolaze XL (INMODE) Permanent laser hair removal

Our Diolaze laser powerfully and painlessly (or with very little pai) treats all hair colors on all skin types. Ideally, it covers all problems related to excess and unwanted female and male hair. After a series of treatments, the hairs do not come back even thinner…they are destroyed.

usne povecanje
  • Morpheus8 or Morfeus – molds the skin to your liking. If it is acneic, with enlarged pores, because you are young and “glands work at full steam”, you have scars and stretch marks or you see the first or second wrinkles, sagging skin, tired face…Deep radio wave fractional microneedling is always an excellent solution. It simply regenerates the skin from deep within.
  • Acne, Scars, Wrinkles, Skin flaccidity, Fibrous Cellulite dimples
  • Hyaluronic fillers are the safest material, due to their safe composition, predictable results, the smallest chance of a reaction, and the greatest chance of repair. Our doctor has been performing them since 2005. Fillers go into wrinkles, lips, and fine lines. Face, cheekbones, and lips can be shaped with fillers. One variant can hydrate the face without overfilling it. We know all the variants, and how to give the face what it needs.
  • Lips are the most common application of hyaluronic filler because they are done by all generations. We beautify the lips, fill them in, slightly change their shape, and hydrate them. Good filling and rejuvenation are our signatures. It is not only a filler that fills and rejuvenates them, we have the best Fotona laser way to change them for the better so that they are plump and young, and without fillers, just their own. Ideal for those who have always been satisfied with their lips, but see them diminishing over time.
  • Under-eye circles – dark, puffy, or bags under eyes. Dark circles are solved through several visits and mesotherapy, but laser treatments will also do the job. Under-eye puffiness must not be filled with filler, as well as “bags” under eyes. We must treat them with the revolutionary Morpheus 8, or Fotona laser… unless we judge that they need surgery.
  • Signature treatments – Morpheus 8 and laser 4D Top laser devices and our experience in this area allow us to combine everything to get the best results. This applies to the face and body. The most powerful facelift can be done with the Morpheus 8 device. The first practically applied radio wave microneedles bring energy to the right place (according to the skinn thikness and an area of work)We can add something else later. That something else is our decision and our signature. The same applies to:
  • Weight loss, Body tightening, Anti-cellulite protocol, and of course Anti-aging
  • Biorevitalization with peptides has taken precedence over fillers in recend years. Our doctor Krkljuš has recognized this type of rejuvenation and uses it whenever possible, as she is a great opponent of overfilling with fillers and their endless use. For several years now, she has been closely following new molecules appearing in the world of anti-aging and has experience in their application.
  • Neurotoxin is a mandatory procedure for certain types of wrinkles, those that are caused by excessive muscle use. It can be used as early as around the 30th birthday to prevent wrinkles from appearing in the first place.
  • Neurotoxin against sweating is the most effective way to stop sweating for some time.

– Swift, safe, and painless –


The solution to the issue of pigmentations changes on the face

  • Spots, freckles, moles, warts – As after we examine the pigmentations and moles and diagnosed a problem , we remove the change with a laser or radiofrequency knife under anesthesia. Swiftly and scarless. 
  • Melasma is a skin imperfection that depend on genetics, hormones, and age. They are removed through the 4D laser treatment with the Foton laser, and the positive change is preserved with the creams that we recommend and which are included in the treatment.
  • The Lumecca treatment removes spots and blemishes and gives you an even complexion. It can be done as soon as autumn comes, and it has been 3 weeks since your last sun exposure. 
  • Acne at age 13 or 33. Analysis and anamnesis (history of the condition) reveal the severity and cause, and a series of laser treatments solve even the most difficult cases. In addition, you need to change your diet.
  • Acne scars or injury scars are an issue that we treat with the modern Morpheus 8 device or with laser 4D treatment.
  • Rosacea – Laser or Lumeca treatment with further care keeps it under control.
  • Tattoos – unwanted or not the way you hoped they would turn out – are removed perfectly by our laser.
  • Nail Fungus are persistent and hard to cure without rather harmful antifungal drugs, however the laser solves them easily and skips the deteriorating side effects of oral drugs.
  • Abdominal and buttock shaping – HIFEM technology in the Medibella Zen room will make you gain muscle and lose fat in a few treatments. You will reprogram the fat cells, and also lose the harmful visceral fat that leads to heart attacks along the way.
  • Correcting abdominal muscle diastasis after childbirth. Separated muscles in the middle, in the area of the navel, and the resulting piramidal belly that remains long after childbirth can be resolved and the body will become beautiful again, but also ready for a new pregnancy.
  • Circumference reduction – Powerful laser lipolysis melts away fat deposits. It can be joined or done separately by radiofrequency melting.
  • Injection lipolysis – We performed a lot of injection lipolyses(the number is is measured in thousands) during 15 years since the first application in the world and here. It gives very good , certain results. Still our favourite.
  • A series of mesotherapy is additional to all sorts of lipolysis or could be a primary choice  of diminishing fatty deposits.It must be done in a series of 5-10 procedures.
  • Cellulite – Body Fix and Morpheus, the high technology of the INMODE platform gives us the choice to act on all forms of cellulite through our signature  package of treatments unique to everyone.
  • Laser treatments for alopecia , in both males and females are very effective. This effective treatment  requires time and regular visits in order solve more difficult cases. It is very successful if it is started in time. We also have mesotheray and/or  PRP when it comes to hair loss after pregnancy or due to hair dyeing.  PRP treatment is considered  as a basic therapy or as an additional one, often necessary  in a period following hair transplant.