Belly after pregnancy

Is there a solution for the post-pregnancy belly that is not a surgical “tummy tuck”?

Yes. Post-pregnancy belly solutions have changed and improved over the years, and now you can get there in an easier way. Just sit and read while the devices or the operator work on your belly.

There are several possibilities, and we will start in the order we recommend.

1. EMS HIFEM treatment – electromagnetic stimulation – for everyone who dislikes exercise for weight loss

A big breakthrough in finding a solution for the post- pregnancy belly was the EMS treatment. Electromagnetic stimulation for the belly is specially adapted for abdominal muscles, which can be separated after pregnancy in the area around the navel, giving even a slim belly a doming, bulging appearance. Electromagnetic waves stimulate muscles, affect collagen and reduce diastasis.

Four to six treatments are done, once a week. It is a nice comfortable treatment allowing you to relax, and for the belly it takes 30 minutes. In case you are not satisfied with the appearance of your thighs or legs, you can stay for an additional half an hour to have one more treatment.


2. Bipolar radiofrequency energy remains the chief and leading fighter for a more beautiful belly. Procedures are painless and easy, and in about 3 weeks you will see the results of the most modern bipolar radiofrequency vacuum with a special sensor for proper temperature.

This time it is a kind of “stamping” with an applicator that is at the same a vacuum and radiofrequency robot with a special sensor that increases temperature at the application site.

The temperature will be set to 41 degrees, the temperature for changing collagen and for heating and melting fat tissue. The result of this painless method can be seen after 6 applications, and there can be two applications per week.

3. Injection lipolysis

Excess belly fat after pregnancy can be treated with injection lipolysis. Active ingredients of the lipolytic cocktail will melt excess fat. Depending on the size, one to three lipolysis sessions are required, 4 weeks apart. The result is visible already after 3 weeks.

4. Mesotherapy

Dobro dokazana metoda svojim biostimulativnim kombinacijama može lepo rešiti neke probleme kao što je tonus kože, višak masti i posebno dobro-strije posle porođaja.

 5. Mesothreads

Excess skin on the belly is treated with mesothreads. They “shrink” the skin. The method already gives a good tightening result, which is only to be expected of radiofrequency, and is also used for tightening the skin on the face* or the skin of the hands and upper arms.

6. Morpheus 8 Body

After all the interventions or immediately after Body fx or EMS, and instead of mesotherapy and lipolysis, we can opt for the method using a device and needles – radiofrequency microneedling, and success and skin tightening are guaranteed. Morpheus body penetrates into all layers and melts fatty tissue while changing collagen as well at the same time.

You can do all the procedures we find necessary for your problem as soon as you complete weaning.


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