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Skin biorevitalization with peptides

Skin biorevitalization with peptides is a relatively new method or a new name for advanced mesotherapy, created when manufacturers of mesotherapy products began to make them according to already known formulas, and added even more – they introduced their patented substances that ideally fit the dermis of most people. These substances are peptides.

They are integral components of proteins, consisting of 2 or 3 bonded amino acids, used as the building material for the well-known collagen. In addition to peptides or only amino acids, there is usually also a range of necessary vitamins and minerals, all serving the aim of better skin metabolism. Hyaluronic acid is a medium that attracts water, thus ensuring a beneficial use of these substances.

Your age

You may need skin biorevitalization with peptides as early as when you turn 30, if you have dry and demanding skin that needs to cared for from an early age. Generally, it is a procedure recommended from the age of 35 years onwards, in a 3-treatment series monthly, with maintenance treatments. And this, with no exaggeration, guarantees long-lasting youth to your skin, now showing less need for Neurotoxin and hyaluronic fillers.

When you come to us, after skin analysis and examination we will apply anaesthesia in a cream topically, on the places that we will be working on. It will take some time, about half an hour, for the anaesthesia to take effect. The next step is injecting, which also lasts up to half an hour, and is performed using the well-known mesotherapy techniques. Injecting is mostly done directly into biological points, i.e. the points that according to acupuncture are known to be of importance for ageing. Point stimulation, acupuncture, but enhanced by adding essential substances, is a certain path to rejuvenation.

Lips augmentation injections. Cosmetology rejuvenating facial treatment

It differs from the already well-known mesotherapy in that there is a special application method for these products, without a lot of pricking. Thus it is more comfortable to repeat, since repeating is also recommended.

However, some mesotherapy techniques such as nappage (we always do classic mesotherapy by hand or using a gun) are beneficial for superficial layers of the skin that react to a large number of injection pricks. The most important things to achieve are that there is no great pain and that the face looks beautiful even as you are leaving our office.

We recommend

  • Make-up free time 24 hours after treatment; necessary to apply SPF 30 cream.
  • Time without exercise and hard work – 24 hours.
  • Do not have green tea or other teas, do not take aspirin-based medications or higher doses of vitamin E, and do not drink alcohol.
  • Come for biorevitalization no earlier than 7 days after you stop sunbathing.

Contraindications for biorevitalization are:

  • A cold, viral infection in progress
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Coagulation disorder
  • Autoimmune diseases, malignant diseases

We use peptides time-tested in long-standing products as well as in the new ones that are just emerging on the market.

For more than 10 years we have tested products that now have been around for a long time, but once were novel and unknown; they had a good scientific base, and that always proved to be enough.


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