Calm young female patient undergoing mesotherapy procedure

Mesotherapy for all purposes

Mesotherapy is a medical method that was introduced by Michel Pistor back in 1958, for healthcare purposes – pain management and help with degenerative changes.

When it comes to aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy involves subcutaneously injecting substances with an effect on tissue nutrition, such as vitamins, hormones, peptides, in order to achieve the effect of skin hydration and activate fibroblasts, cells important for skin rejuvenation.

Hyaluron, when injected in mesotherapy, stimulates the effects of collagen type I and has an impact on inhibitors of enzymes responsible for ageing. That is why one of the first ingredients in mesotherapy for the face, neck and décolletage was hyaluronic acid.

Various substances in the cocktails that we learned about from Dr Pistor’s student, Jacques le Coz, applied in the right way, can correct a problem. Although both Dr Pistor and Dr Le Coz primarily focused their interest on medicine and help for various conditions of pain, deafness, rheumatic pains, sports injuries… here we will only talk about the application of mesotherapy in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, where it was truly proven and embraced twenty or so years ago. At first there were some unknown factors, since mesotherapy cocktails could turn out to be very painful or even cause allergic reactions.

Today the pharmaceutical industry has advanced greatly and all the substances are purified from allergic agents to the maximum possible degree.

Why is mesotherapy so popular in aesthetic medicine? To begin with, because of a very limited area and location of the problem.


If it is a problem of acne on the face – it is certainly necessary to use all available means as close as possible to the skin that has changed under the influence of hormones and hyperproduction of sebum… This also applies to acne on the back. In both cases, mesotherapy gives best results.

Mesotherapy for facial hydration. If it is a case of wrinkles and skin dryness, it will solve the problem better than cosmetic treatment. This is because it is important to penetrate with the right substances, in the right concentrations, to the right depth. Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, phytotherapy and nutrition, as well as acupuncture meridians, is of greatest importance here.


The results on the face are truly great. The face immediately looks at least 5 years younger. From one day to the next, as the skin gets the ingredients and as they enter into its metabolism, the face is more and more beautiful. It is only young people who can come for mesotherapy from time to time, every three months for instance. Everyone over 40, however, should accept the rhythm of coming for the first three treatments back-to-back, and then opt for maintenance. After 50 years of age, it is recommended to have regular visits for mesotherapy treatments in alternation with some of the treatments such as Morpheus 8 lifting or laser 4D lifting.

Facial mesotherapy for a special event should be scheduled one week before the event.

Our Hidrofacial and Radiage Pellevé are the treatments that we recommend on the same day or the day before big events (birthdays, graduation anniversaries, important evenings out, New Year’s, nuptials, wedding receptions) when you cannot risk puncture points, but just have to shine.

Hair mesotherapy  

Hair mesotherapy is performed on a person losing hair due to hormonal changes or due to hair treatments gone bad in the case of women, and due to hormonal changes in the case of men. A series of 6-10 treatments is done weekly. The treatment involves substances mixed in such a way that they most certainly lead to an improvement in blood flow in the scalp and to freeing hair follicles, allowing a normal supply of nutrients. If the hairs are not completely lost, improvement will follow.

Mesotherapy against hair loss after pregnancy  

Hormonal changes in pregnancy have a greatly favourable effect on expectant mothers’ hair. Even normal hair shedding is stopped under the influence of pregnancy oestrogen levels. However, after childbirth and during breastfeeding, there is a sudden visible loss of larger strands of hair. That telogen effluvium is solved through a series of mesotherapy treatments.

Mesotherapy can also be done on the eyebrows

Mesotherapy against cellulite

Mesotherapy against cellulite is considered to be the number 1 remedy for this almost invincible phenomenon.

Cellulite has its 4 stages. The stages 1 and 2 are initial, when cellulite is visible only under pressure or if you are standing up (in stage 2, cellulite disappears when you are lying down). Both stages are easy to solve. In addition to the Body fx and EM HIFEM devices, if we decide to do mesotherapy, there will be several procedures for better circulation and drainage.

Stages 3 and 4, however, require lipolytic and enzyme combinations to break down fibrous areas in the lumpy looking skin. We always combine them with device-using methods and the skin becomes smoother. Additional devices also help to achieve success.

Mesotherapy for circulation problems

The best application of mesotherapy is to improve circulation and drainage, and strengthen the walls of blood vessel. Substances applied for this purpose, combined with a required supplement, are an ideal preparation for the summer, and it is a good idea to do it beforehand, since the process lasts.

Mesotherapy for dark circles

It is performed as a short treatment that follows the anaesthetic cream. It is done in sets of 4 treatments and maintenance is required.

Mesotherapy against spots, rosacea

Although it was used more often before, today it can be a supplementary treatment, just for maintenance after greatly effective laser procedures that we have for that purpose.


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