Lipolysis, cellulite, belly – 2 ways

In the Medibella, lipolysis and cellulite control can be achieved in at least 3 modern effective ways!

We will start with the lipolysis device, and we will also remind you of the already well-proven injection lipolysis, shown to be effective in thousands of treatments.

1.Morpheus Body is a minimally invasive treatment

Morpheus 8 Body is the only FDA-approved technology allowing for 8 mm-deep subcutaneous body remodelling. This dissolving energy targets all three layers of the skin individually in a remarkably short time, with minimal skin injury, and the result is smooth skin. It allows for completely customised procedures on the body. All parts of the skin are affected when a specific mode of operation of Morpheus is applied.

Morpheus body coagulates fat and sculpts tissue with dramatic results that could previously only be achieved through major surgical procedures.

Morpheus body uses radiofrequency energy to remodel cellulite and reduce the unwanted lumpy appearance of skin on large areas of skin such as the belly, thighs, buttocks, and hips.

The Morpheus8 body procedure is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Moreover, Morpheus 8 is the solution for the surface of the skin even after liposuction.

2. Laser lipolysis – Laser lipolysis achieves optimal body shaping with minimal recovery time.

The powerful Fotona laser is used, with specially adjusted “runners” that conduct laser energy of 1064 nm wavelength. No other laser energy can be compared to this one because it involves the largest directly heated volume of subcutaneous fat tissue with the smallest thermal effect on the surrounding tissues. Great performances and adaptability of Nd:Yag 1064nm mean that it has every chance to be your lipolysis of choice. If you have more excess fat, we will opt for laser lipolysis as one of our treatments that will help you deal with it.

When we choose that particular mode of action, with our state-of-the-art Fotona SP Dynamis laser we can slowly, safely, and with no pain or damage to the tissue, target and melt deeper fat deposits. Such is the power of the 3rd generation lasers. Simply and easily, and no need for surgical treatment.



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