Hands up! All the ways to rejuvenate hands

Back of the hand and sunspots

The backs of your hands lose their youthful appearance when the first freckles from sun exposure appear on them.

Solar lentigines is the proper name for these discolorations. Nobody likes them because they remind us of ageing.

When they will appear depends on several factors:

  • Genetics,
  • Excessive sun exposure without protection,
  • Excessive exposure to harmful factors, chemical or physical (work in the laboratory, in the kitchen…)

These changes are also called age spots. They are caused by the pigment melanin, which is produced more when stimulated by sun exposure damage. Age spots are small, flat, dark areas of the skin. As the skin ages, and if it has received excessive sun exposure, the pigment cells produce more melanin. With age there are fewer pigment cells, so more pigment is produced in the remaining cells that are unevenly distributed. This is how freckles and age spots are created.

Skinny hands with thin skin – older or younger persons

Although we love being skinny everywhere, when it comes to women’s breasts and backs of the hands this is not the case. It is the hands that show the first signs of wear and tear and loss of skin thickness. However, hyaluronic fillers may be used to rejuvenate the hands.  From experience, the best fillers are the usual hyaluronic fillers. If laser treatment for spots and freckles is also applied, the rejuvenation of the hands is guaranteed, and thus a more youthful overall appearance. This is all only too visible when you are driving your car or typing on your PC. It is well worth the effort to make your hands look better.


Wrinkled hands with visible tendons and veins are a hallmark of the 50s and 60s. We treat them in several ways:

  • Hyaluronic fillers

Using anaesthesia and a special procedure, a cannula is inserted and a hyaluronic filler, and pure is best, is injected into a layer under the skin. When we spread it, it covers veins and tendons. For the first 24 hours we recommend not using your hands for dirty chores and a little rest in general.

  • Biorevitalization peptides

If it is only necessary to give more volume to the skin, to make it more beautiful and also more resistant to external factors, a good product of combined peptides, vitamins, minerals, administered by mesotherapy technique, will make the skin of the hands younger.

  • Radiofrequency microneedling – Radiage Pellevé and Morpheus – radio wave microneedling

Radiage Pellevé is a painless and easy way to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin of the hands. The recovery period is shortest; however, you need to be patient for the results because the process takes time to develop. Ideally, you can do it as an addition to the Pellevéface treatment.

  • Morpheus, the most popular method of radiofrequency microneedling rejuvenation, has all the good results of Radiage, but its effects are closer to surgery since it involves controlled heating and effects of radio waves in all the layers of the skin. Ideally, it is done along with the Morpheus face treatment.
  • Freckles, solar or age spots, the surestsign of ageing hands, are treated by the most advanced Fotona Erbium Yag laser. They can also be treated by Lumecca; in addition, chemical peeling may also be applied.

What is common to all these methods of removing freckles and spots is the obligation to maintain the results by using products that prevent production of new pigment and by applying the required SPF 50 in summer and SPF 30 in winter.

ARMS – thick upper arms

The upper arms require constant work on the muscles and on the skin. If there is no such work, they get large, and this thickness worsens with age. Sports such as swimming, but also regular use of light weights, contribute to the arms looking better.

Flabby thickness of the arms  

At a certain age or after losing weight, and also due to stress and the effect of the cortisol hormone on muscle loss, sagging skin appears and it is time to indulge in the Morpheus treatment  – microneedling – to tighten the sagging skin, even out fatty tissue, and eliminate any cellulite.

  • Biopeptide cocktails are also important, either on their own or after microneedling.
  • Mesothreads are one of the solutions for small areas bothering you (above the elbow, near the armpit)

Arms – forearms

In addition to flabby upper arms and spots in later years, forearms also reveal their owner’s true age. They should be protected against forming of sunspots and also against a kind of elastosis, collagen and elastin disorder in older skin that makes it look like crêpepaper. That is where Morpheus or Erbium: Yag fractions can help.


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