Cellulite – 5 most effective solutions

We will start with the newest one.

1. Morpheus8, the latest and most effective anti-cellulite treatment with radio waves using 24 needles

This treatment also performs well on grade 3 fibrous cellulite, for which until now the only solution was injection lipolysis.

Morpheus (Body) allows the needles to penetrate up to 8 mm, to the fat tissue. We use it for remodelling the fat tissue and against cellulite. It is also beneficial for persons after 40 who have always been slim and have had no cellulite, but now have loose skin and small wrinkles

The treatment is a form of controlled skin injury. Microchannels stimulate collagen, elastin and capillaries

Morpheus (Body) allows the needles to penetrate up to 8 mm, to the fat tissue. We use it for remodelling the fat tissue and against cellulite.

Morpheus8 is the solution for persons after 40 who have always been slim and have had no cellulite, but now have something that looks like cellulite. It is actually loose skin and small wrinkles due to the loss of collagen and elastin.

What is cellulite anyway? The briefest version

If you are an endomorph or ecto-endomorph in body type, and, typically for women, you also have a familial predisposition to cellulite, there is a great chance that after puberty, under the influence of oestrogen, you will develop a tendency for cellulite. It is very difficult to keep it under control through diet and exercise.


Nowadays we see it mostly as something lacking beauty, but when we dig deeper, we see that as early as 1920 the state of noticeable cellulite was described as a pathological phenomenon. Cellulite is not life-threatening, but in the later stages it can make life difficult when combined with obesity.

From the very beginning of realising that cellulite is not only an aesthetic problem, it was thought to be a reaction to traumatic, local infectious or glandular stimuli. And still today we can interpret it that way.

It can be related to chronic venous insufficiency and increased capillary permeability that result in swelling. That is why they have common signs and symptoms including “broken capillaries” (professionally: telangiectasias), microbleeds, feeling of heaviness in the legs, cramps and pain when touched, and also lower temperature on the surface of the skin affected by cellulite.

During the first examinations or when passing over with the device looking for solutions, a white mark of fibrous tissue is clearly visible, under which the redness typical of healthy, well-perfused tissue does not immediately appear. The most important thing for treating fibrous cellulite is to remove those white marks in the skin. A series of treatments can repair the resulting changes from one week to the next.

2. Mesotherapy once caused a real bang.

Active substances repair everything that is affected by the changes causing cellulite, and everything leads to improvement:

  • Emphasis on circulation, condition of blood vessels – supplementation is also important
  • Emphasis on metabolism in fat cells. When the fat in them has to be broken down by the action of enzymes and amino acids
  • Drainage of surrounding tissue that has been under pressure for a long time
  • Decomposition of fibrous cellulite scar collagen
  • Stimulation of new collagen formation

Ready-made products just added everything in one bottle or ampoule. A series of 6-10 mesotherapy treatments gives visible improvements, both aesthetical and medical, and the legs feel less heavy  


3. Lipolysis does not respect the mesotherapy principle “a little, diluted, and in the right spot”. It is more like “a lot, concentrated, and in the right spot”, and the substances are in a higher concentration exactly where they are needed by the surrounding tissues.

4. Body fx is a device using radiofrequency to “melt” fat depots in the cells, as desired. The temperature is important here, and we can monitor it so that it is always at its most effective. The procedure successfully eliminates fat deposits and smoothes out the skin with cellulite because collagen is repaired.

5. EM Sculpture HIFEM – The well-known magnetic field technology has found its right place here, in the award-winning electromagnetic sculpting. Muscle contractions, magnetic field effects, changes in cell metabolism, fat burning: all of this leads to cellulite reduction, and is especially effective for oedematous cellulite. Simply and easily, legs look slimmer, and the numbers also show a large percentage of volume and fat reduction in just 4 treatments. Ideally, you should come 2-3 weeks before your beach holiday.


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