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Medibella Belgrade is part of the chain connecting Dubai, London, Belgrade… Paris 

A place of serious work on rejuvenation and solving problems that hinder your beauty and self-confidence. Our main advantage is having the best, most modern devices combined with the expertise of a doctor, a Master of Medicine with almost two decades of experience in aesthetic anti-aging medicine. The latest devices, ingeniously designed lasers, have been refined and technologically perfected to the extreme limits of efficiency in recent decades to give perfect results quickly and with as little pain as possible. After listening to the world’s best experts in this field, we chose and use them.

A doctor with long experience in anti-aging and devices with the latest technologies makes a perfect match, so you know you are in the right hands. With a friendly welcome from our concierge, who is responsible for making you feel good from the first step, in our luxurious space filled with art and music, you will feel that you are in the right place.

Each Medibella is unique in its way because it was created to correct problems and fulfill aesthetic desires, the most important for women and men of a given environment, but it always remains international, because it has everything to satisfy the needs of every visitor from abroad. English, along with Serbian, is the “regular” language when needed. Everyone speaks it.

We fulfill the most important and well-known Medibella standard, the requirement to use at least 3 of the world’s proven best and most advanced lasers and devices whose qualities are talked about in the professional public, and enter the everyday world of the most demanding users.

We transform your skin and  return it to a better state. It is a question of successfully induced bioregeneration.

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Our protocols uniquely complement and combine laser energies and advanced non-surgical aesthetic techniques that act synergistically (reinforce each other) and achieve outstanding results. A good mesotherapy choice, or fillers or neurotoxin, prolongs your youth if you start on time and makes you always look at least 10 years younger.

With strong scientific support, based on the most modern technology, supported by world-proven aesthetic doctors and therapists, Medibella offers treatments according to proven protocols for men, women, and the third gender of all ages, from teenage acne-prone to important timely anti-aging. through the thirties, forties, fifties…and onward, whenever you want. All this takes place in the luxurious boutique setting of the office and salon in the villa in Dedinje and provides a unique journey into a new experience of anti-aging treatment.


Our customer care team is conscientious and responds quickly to requests during clinic hours. We don’t want to delay your problems, so requests that are received outside of the clinic’s working hours will be solved as soon as possible!