Excessive sweating treatment(s) Neurotoxin and the newest surprise

There are two easy ways of defence against excessive sweating through treatments. They are Neurotoxin and Morpheus 8. Although temporary, Neurotoxin manages to postpone increased sweating for at least 6 months at least. With every  new applications, the interval can be extended for as long as to up to 9 months.

Neurotoxin against sweating! How is it done?

It is an easy intervention that might, but need not, be preceded by an armpit test showing exactly the locations of increased sweating. From our experience, the test is not necessary.

The test uses starch and povidone-iodine, and then dark blue colouration of the armpit appears. However, we should not expose ourselves to iodine lightly, since it is well known that it might cause allergic reactions. Moreover, it is enough just to direct light on the armpits where Neurotoxin should be applied to see the sweat glistening. Unlike Neurotoxin application on the face, an anaesthetic may be used here, so the region is marked, anesthetised by cream, and, after waiting for 30-45 minutes, small injection pricks are applied, aiming to cover the region where the sweat glands are, to calm the myofibrils that work excessively under the influence of the sympathetic nervous system, secreting sweat at every stimulus.

Neurotoxin is most effective when used for armpits, although it can be very successfully applied to the head (hair) and face, against sweating in these and other regions. (It is an off-label application)

In just a few days the resulting dryness of the armpits will bring you great joy and happiness.


Morpheus8 sweating treatment is more recent and considered permanent.

Morpheus treatment explained – what it is and how it is done  

Before the Morpheus8 treatment local anaesthesia is applied to to numb the region. Then we place the Morpheus applicator with 24 needles into the armpit area. The combination of microneedling and localised heat will prevent sweat glands from being sensitive to heat, so that they will not react by producing sweat. The procedure is done only once; however, more severe cases may require one additional Morpheus treatment.

You can expect to see results three weeks later. At first you will start to notice a reduction in excessive sweating, and after about 3 months you will be feeling the full effect.

The results are permanent and life changing.


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