Lips Augmentation and Rejuvenation

Is Lip augmentation for you?

It is always nice to enhance the lips. Even though you have nice, plumpy lips you may enhance them. As regard to really  thin lips,  this is an additional  reason to enlarge them.

We use hyaluronic acid filler to enhance  your lips by practicing  techniques which make lips plumpier, though we prefer  not  to exagerate regarding the changes of  shape and volume.

We rejuvenate lips by filling them with hyaluronic acid filler. All  parts of the lips  are rejuvenated including  the area around  the lips

  • White lip line
  • Fine lines over upper lip-bar code lines
  • Cupid bow enhancement
  • Special procedure-lip angles lifting
  • Marionette lines-the lines beneath the lower lip

We use hyaluronic acid filler which is viscoelastic, meaning  that it  does not change the lips shape or smile, but enables the hidration and plumpiness of the lips.

The alternative  to filler lips rejuvenation is laser lip rejuvenation. This is a great treatment  and can be done separately or as a part  of  Laser 4D face lifting. An excellent alternative for those who do not wish hyaluronan in lips for some reasons.


Are you keen on large, oversized lips-Russian lips?

Large, augmented lips are ideal for Instagram people. In case you have a face for that lip shape, this is possible.

The name Russian lips is peculiar because Russian aesthetic doctors cannot connect the lips with the natural  look of Russian people. It is all about fashion. With Russian lips augmentation, the lips are changed and are not like the lips  you have ever had. These  lips may ”suit” some faces.

Big eyes, enhanced cheek bones, raised  eyebrows , this is very much so called  “Instagram face”. We favourize a more natural look and the enhancement of the original lip shape. However, if you already have oversized  lips you can count on Medibella with many other necessary procedures.

The face with Russian lips may have some care issues. We are here to support you to keep this face young and well looked after by supreme laser 4D treatment, Twin Light treatment  as well as the Morpheus8 treatments. The lip refreshing  with hyaluronic acid filler may be necessary now and then.

Hyaluronic acid filler is our first  choice for lips enhancement. Newer generations of hyaluronic acid  filler may have aditives such as Prolin or Glycol.

In order to keep the reactions of lip filler at minimum we always apply  just hialuronic acid -filler.

What is  lip enhancement procedure like?

As soon as we agree about the look of your lips through some talk,  we will inject the anaestetic so that your lips become numb and insensitive. If we apply the filler with lidocain, we can skip injection and apply an aneasthetic cream at least half an hour before the procedure. This way you will not sense any pain, even though we did not inject lidocain. The filler injection into the lips is short lasting, say 10-15 minutes. We actually never count the time because the doctor is talking all the time and explaining what she is doing.


When does the effect of lip enhancement become visible?

The effect of lips augmentation or enhancement is immediately  visible and this is a dramatic change you  asked for.

As regard to lip rejuvenation, it is not so dramatic, it is rather mysterious. Everybody notices you look better, younger, fresher. Nobody knows the reason why. Enhanced lips make a miracle.

How long does the effect of lips enhancement last?

When it comes to lips, the younger the person, the shorter the duration of the lip filler. It may last 6 months – the shortest, or  9 months to one year the longest.  Hyaluronic acid is a subject of  degradation. This is  the natural process done by our natural enzyme hyaluronidase which is an enzyme in our skin and disolves natural  hyaluronic acid in a constant balance of the production and degradation. The effect of lip filling may last about 6-12 months.

Nevertheless , the lips are always fuller for a nuance than before the first application of the filler. Because of that, we advice to repeat the process here and now, when  you notice the loss  of the volume. It is our pleasure to be at your service and help achieve a look you are happy with.

When is it not recommendable to do lip fillers – contraindications?

All contraindications in aesthetic medicine are the same.

  • Pregnancy
  • Brestfeeding
  • Malignant diseases,
  • Viral infection
  • Herpes Simplex
  • Coagulation issues
  • Autoimune diseases

What you should not do before the procedure

  • Drink green tea
  • Drink any tea, because all teas may affect circulation and coagulation
  • Take Ginko supplements, the same reasons as above
  • Intake large doses of Vitamin E,
  • Not to participate in a big party or any drinking event a day before the procedure
  • Not to exercise a day following the procedure

You must report blood thinner therapy and we may adopt the timetable of its application for a short time.

In case you are prone to Herpes Simplex , we advice to start  applying   Zovirax or Acyclovir.


Our customer care team is conscientious and responds quickly to requests during clinic hours. We don’t want to delay your problems, so requests that are received outside of the clinic’s working hours will be solved as soon as possible!