Double chin and cheeks

Have a double chin, hate your chubby cheeks?

You are either plump or slender, but the double chin is visible, and your cheeks could be less full. There are ways to deal with the double chin, and it will only take 1 to 3 visits to the Medibella.

We started gaining experience in double chin and cheek reduction 15 years ago, and having great devices brought a lot of success through at least 3 sophisticated ways to tighten the skin under the chin in women and men. When the Medibella opened, new powerful devices were an ideal extension of what a doctor can offer as a solution.

1. Radiage Pelleve as the so-called radiofrequency lifting can tighten the skin of the entire body and correct the first wrinkles or reduce the already existing ones. It is an aesthetic procedure that is chosen most often, because there are no signs that it has been done except for a better, more lifted face and a rested appearance. Cheeks get smaller.

Radiage Pellevé lipolysis is mostly used for the cheeks. We use a wide, dome-shaped electrode and enhance the thermal effect that should melt the fat cells. At the same time, we finish with the tightening procedure. Thus, the chubby cheeks and the double chin disappear easily with Radiage Pellevé, and there is no ‘empty bag’ effect.

2. Injection lipolysis for double chin

When the double chin is larger, the technique of choice is injection lipolysis. What can also be done is the so-called Aqualix intralipotherapy. The difference is in the contents of the cocktails, but both are lipolytic. We have long been satisfied with the lipolysis we perform according to the Network protocol. A large number of successful procedures and well developed and perfected technique guarantee a good result.

The double chin reduction procedure takes 2 to 3 visits, depending of course on the size of the double chin. For the process to be finalised at least a month is needed. We wait for the results, and if need be, we repeat the procedure. As for the cheeks, there is also a special way to use injections to achieve the desired result.

3. Morpheus 8 for shaping both the double chin and the cheeks

The ideal way to reduce the cheeks and the double chin is by Morpheus8 lipolysis and tightening in the Medibella.

Besides the ample experience in previous methods that have given excellent results so far, we now have a great addition in the Morpheus8 device which is also ideal for reducing and tightening chubby cheeks that bother you. The fatty deposits of the double chin become smaller, the skin is tightened, and a complete result is achieved. It is the same with the cheeks. In general, Morpheus8 is ideal for rejuvenating the entire face, and a special mode of use allows it to be adjusted for treating and reducing the double chin and cheeks.


Who can undergo double chin elimination and cheek reduction?

  • Every healthy female and male person
  • Never a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding
  • It is recommended that you do not come for injection lipolysis after an event where you have been drinking or after physical exercise
  • On the day before the procedure you should not drink green tea or take blood thinning herbal supplements or medicines


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