Expert laser treatments 4D

Our Fotona 4D face lifting is unique. This is because of couple of reasons.

Laser beams may penetrate to every skin layer. The aging of the skin depends on the state of  connective tissue which is fixing facial muscles, fat compartments and the skin. When collagen of the connective tissue relaxes and new collagen synthesis slows down. Direct  consequences  are

·        the lack  of muscle tonus,

·        fat tissue is  moving downwards  pulling the

·        skin which becomes  flaccid.

·        The skin is not able to defend itself of the environmental factors which cause superficial uneven and discoloured look

In order  to rejuvenate the skin, we work at all levels.

The laser will activate all existing potentials of the skin.

 The most popular areas of rejuvenation are the  face, neck, decollete an  the back of hands.

The arms and underarms are also a subject of skin rejuvenation, especially the undrearms which are more in sight. It may be done on the sking  all over the body in order to solve any  imperfection.

The different effects of the laser actions are always combined.  It could be thermal only, when we need an non-ablative effect, the tightening from inside. On the other hand,  resurfacing with the ablative laser  applicator will have the effect of  the peeling. This way we achieve the fibroblast stimulation to produce  collagen and  elastin, with the even tone and texture of the skin and solution of problem of  pigmentations, pores,  lines and wrinkles.

Two complementary laser wavelenghts are used to for four different modes working in the deep, medium and superficial layer.


Fotona 4D treatment tightens and rejuvenates the skin  from inside out. It enables the complete skin tightening along the all depth of the skin because we use the special applicator for the inside of mouth , on the inner side  of a cheek. This procedure enables

·        the long lasting tighening and volumization without the need for fillers

·        a full lifting treatment from inside out

·        immmediate rejuvenation,

·        improved skin complexion,

·        in little or no downtime.

 The combination of 4 unique modes Smooth™ , FRAC3™, PIANO™. SupERficial™ and the two complementary wavelengths  and the results which they achieve, deserve full respect.

How many treatments is recommended?

As with many procedures when we work on bioregeneration, a series of 3 treatments is recommended in 4-6 weeks intervals.

Face lifting may also be done with

·        Morpheus8 fractional radiofrequency micorneedling,

·        A seris of biorevitalisation with biopeptides,

We may combine all the necessary procedures and complete the rejuvenation with filler or Neurotoxin. It is true that far less filler is needed to achieve the best result  with no need to constantly do refilling with fillers and overdo it. We are getting the natural result with laser special TwinLight or 4 D procedures, thus it deserves its place in modern anti-ageing care.


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