Around the Eyes

The eye area is usually one of the first causes of concern in anti-ageing. We are dedicated to maintaining the youthful appearance of the delicate area around the eyes.

Tired eyes at twenty-Dark eye circles

One of the first problems young people encounter is eye fatigue and the darkness of the eyelids and under the eyes.

Some of the know causes are:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Extended digital screen usage
  • It could be genetic
  • It is not a signg of a medical problem, but a doctor can treat  it with mesotherapy or laser.

The dark eyelid coloration is caused  by the long and static contraction of the eye muscles.

We can treat this  with eyelid mesotherapy. The substances that are part of the cocktail work by boosting the blood flow and facilitating the easier drainage of the haemoglobin that causes the dark appearance of the eyelid.

The procedure is not time consuming.

Anaesthetic cream should be applied at least half an hour before the procedures, which typically takes around 15 minutes.

Results are noticeable after the first mesotherapy session; we recommend two to four procedures for long-term effects. We also recommend getting regular maintenance treatments.

A long-neglected problem will lead to a more permanent discolouration of the skin, which will require more treatments and special active substances. Hyaluronic fillers are not suited to solving this problem since they do not improve circulation.


Neurotoxin around eyes

If you tend to squint during exertion or if you “smile with your eyes”, small wrinkles (crow’s feet) will probably appear early on. Neurotoxin is the best solution for keeping these wrinkles at bay.

Eye fatigue at forty

Hyaluronic fillers are typically used to fill out and improve under-eye tear troughs. These often resemble dark circles and can have a pronounced, sunken appearance due to the effects of gravity and natural fat pad migration.

If left untreated, wrinkles visible around the age of forty are usually very pronounced at fifty, which is why we recommend:

  • Morpheus8 Treatment
  • Smooth Eye Laser treatment
  • Mesotherapy
  • Filler, Skin booster
  • Radiage Pelleve treatment

The problem can start around 40. But it is very visible in the fifties and beyond. Whenever it bothers you, you can do:

  • Morpheus 8 Treatment
  • Smooth Eye Laser treatment
  • Mesotherapy
  • Filer, Skin booster
  • Radiage Pelleve treatment

Thanks to its “Glide Safe” electrodes, Radiage-Pelleve is safe to use around the eye area. We use it to treat early wrinkles; on the eyelids, around and below the brow bone, which is a site that cannot be treated with Neurotoxin. The eyelid is tightened, and excess skin is reduced due to the tightening of the collagen. Radiage can be used to help maintain the results of eyelid-blepharoplasty surgery.

This text is dedicated to those of us who do not want to consider the surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty. Although surgical intervention is always the most effective solution, our treatments show excellent, long-lasting results. The treatments can also be done after surgical procedures to maximise results and keep your eyes bright and youthful for a very long time.


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