Working on muscles and volume with no exercise and no pain is now possible in the Medibella. EM shaping or sculpting provokes 25,000 muscle contractions with no effort on your part. It is the HIFEM technology, considered today to be the most popular method of reducing excess weight and increasing muscle tone.

Old energy but a new application: strong magnetic pulsations focused only on the muscle lead to muscle contractions and change muscle cells like in a really good workout in the gym. In fact, it is much more than that.

Muscles respond to magnetic pulses by contracting, the volume of spindle muscle fibres (there are thousands of them making up one muscle) becomes larger, and they also use and thus reduce visceral fat. This other feature is especially important, since in addition to the aesthetic effect there is also a health effect. Visceral fat is the fat inside the abdomen, lining the organs where there is excess weight, but it can also be found in slim people, especially in those whose body built is the so-called apple type.

Visceral fat is easily mobilised and has an impact on atherosclerosis processes, so it is best to keep it under control. A sculpting session lasts only 30 minutes, it can also be done on obese persons (BMI 35), and leads to reduction in centimetres and kilograms. The results are seen very soon; 4-6 sessions are enough, and the effects last longer. The treatment is non-invasive and painless.


The treatment is non-invasive and painless. It is enough to do 4 treatments in 2 weeks and it will be very effective, the circumference will be reduced and the muscles will be properly defined. Everyone trying it so far has been happy with the results. For larger circumferences additional treatments are needed. Electromagnetic waves return the operation of fat cells to their normal status before gaining weight, and after this treatment it is easier to maintain the desired weight and size. If the number of extra centimetres is not large, the effect is even better. EM sculpting is especially good for the post-pregnancy belly.

For men it is especially useful if they want to get back to their well defined muscles after a break from exercise.


When it comes to the glutes – buttock muscles – the special program we select will do only shaping and toning. The same is possible for the thigh muscles above the knees and for the arms.


Gracilis is known in anatomy and fine arts as the beauty muscle of the female leg. Hence the Latin name in anatomy, Gracilis – slender, gracile. We want it to be toned and tightened, since, when freed from even the slightest fat, it will make the thighs beautiful. It is the same for men. Gracilis should be toned, visible. In order for the thighs to be beautiful, all the muscles are important, from the large quads to the thinnest, such the gracilis.

Why do we emphasise this? If you are not a fan of sweating in the gym, EM Matrix sculpting is also a certain path leading you to slimness and toned muscles. An ideal treatment for you. Muscle tensing means a large number of muscle contractions, and it means a defined muscle and a slim leg.


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