Our technology

Medibella is backed by cutting edge science and technology.

Based on the knowledge on physics and the use of its forces which  stimulate tissue regeneration – bio regeneration.

It is well known that any tissue manipulation leads to certain  changes and fibroblast activation, but we go even further. Activation of the skin’s biological potential must be maximal.

This is achieved with modern lasers that have been perfected for a long time. Now is the right time for Medibella and the selection of procedures we will recommend.

Fotona Dynamis Pro – is renomed  in the world of lasers, like Ferrari in the world of automobiles.

The last word of technology is the application of  robotic accessories that solve every problem. We are equipped with Fotona Dynamis Pro robots for solving all skin problems. Laser energies are compatible in their effects and make rejuvenation possible.

At the heart of the Dynamis Pro laser system are two complementary laser wavelengths with patented high-performance technology: Nd-Yag with the most homogeneous penetration for effective treatments in the depth of the dermis and Er:Yag with the highest absorption for ablative and non-ablative treatments on the skin surface.

The two wavelengths 1064 and 2940 have proven in practice to be the most ideal for achieving the effect with a minimum of complications.

VSP Variable Square Pulse technology allows different pulse durations and energy shapes from microseconds to more than one second to optimize the effect of the laser on the tissue.

Er:Yag is there to make the surface layer of the cells absorb the water which virtually evaporates with very little heat conduction. This prevents unwanted laser effects such as hypopigmentation and prolonged redness of the skin, and the recovery time is minimal. With different adjustments, we can accurately predict the clinical result that the patient wants.

The ND:Yag perfectly complements the Er:Yag laser with its potential to penetrate deep into the skin, and add a heating effect that does not damage the skin’s surface. Its homogeneous absorption in the skin and low absorption by the melanin pigment means that we can use it on all skin types without consequences.


Compared to conventional VSP Nd technologies: the Dynamis laser’s Yag pulsations can instantly increase the FRAC 3 temperature, limited to the desired structure in the skin. Fotona applicators are the result of long practice and very precisely solve the indications we want.

Our core treatments include:

  • Fotona 4D – wrinkles, tightening, rejuvenation, evening out the skin in all dimensions
  • Thigh and waist shaping
  • The solution to the problem of snoring – NightLase
  • Active acne
  • Removal of benign skin growths
  • Coagulation of mucous-skin tissue
  • Fraction treatments
  • Renewal of the skin
  • Pigmentation lesions
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Onychomycosis – nail fungus
  • Warts
  • Scarring
  • Capillary treatment
  • Hair loss

Morpheus INMODE

You can be sure that your doctor is very experienced in the field of radiofrequency application in anti-ageing and body contouring. It has been more than 15 years since the first application of bipolar and monopolar radiofrequency , “the latest and most effective discoveries in the field of rejuvenation and work on body shaping, skin, and cellulite “ at the time. We were very motivated to introduce the Morpheus anti-aging device, trusting in the numerous awards that this device has received since its appearance in 2020.

We are happy to have chosen and now proudly present to you the award-winning innovative way of safely  rejuvenating the face and body.

Morpheus 8 is the latest INMODE epidermal system for restoring the superficial layer of the skin and remodeling the subdermal fat tissue. It is the first and only fractional technology that changes the shape of facial aging and the body’s contours and appearance. The triple action of heating, coagulation of fat and connective tissue, and ablation results in improvement of skin surface irregularities, tone and laxity. It is equally effective for the problem of fine wrinkles and large wrinkles, as well as incised scars.

The benefits you can expect when we apply  Morpheus 8 in Medibella are:

  • It smoothens and tightens skin that has fine wrinkles
  • It is effective on indented scars (acne)
  • Improves active acne
  • Improves skin irregularities
  • Improves skin tone
  • It lifts and contours the face, neck, and desired parts of the body

The Morpheus 8 applicator works with a computer-determined program for depths of 1-4 mm for the face and 2-8 mm for body skin (cellulite, wrinkles). Radiofrequency  energy achieves extraordinary results and reaches its goal.

  • 24 needles covered with polymer practically do not cause thermal damage to the epidermis.
  • Treats all skin types safely.
  • Needle penetration and radio frequency energy delivery are automatically synchronized.

INMODE Diolaze xl

Diolaze is an ultrafast diode laser for permanent hair removal that we chose in search of the ideal technology that would meet our standard that we set.

Hair removal must be:

  • Swift
  • Safe
  • Sine dolore (meaning painless or almost painless) thanks to the simultaneous  3Ps (Pre, Parallel, and Post Cooling), i.e. cooling that significantly contributes to reducing the pain during the intervention that we have to endure in the name of the super-efficiency of the gold standard of the diode laser. We reduced it as much as possible.

Fusion wavelengths of 755/810nm and high power, but also strong cooling as anesthesia will make them quickly and efficiently recognize lighter or darker hairs and use a specific mode with the best results.

Diolaze treats:

  • dark blonde hair
  • light blond hair
  • fine hairs
  • dark hair

For other hairs, dark, on dark skin, we will choose our second laser, the Fotona Dynamis Pro Nd:Yag.


Our customer care team is conscientious and responds quickly to requests during clinic hours. We don’t want to delay your problems, so requests that are received outside of the clinic’s working hours will be solved as soon as possible!