aesthetic treatments for men

This page For Men will summarise all the most frequently performed anti-ageing treatments and treatments for better looks intended for men.

Men are neither ignored nor neglected by the ageism culture, and hence the interest in discrete facial changes.

Medibella is led by Dr Branka Krkljuš, who has been working on aesthetic problems affecting men for almost two decades now through her Medrezon concept, using an approach that is careful, considerate and discrete. We already know what bothers you the most and we take care to suggest the most painless anti-ageing treatment and the most effective lipolysis. Now, in addition to the already long-established and proven treatments, there are new methods using modern devices.

We will start with the problems of young men and we will end with men advanced in age and with the status requiring and allowing younger looks, who want to look handsome, masculine, well-groomed, and not have a frozen face or pillow cheeks from fillers.


The first male problem that affects aesthetics and self-confidence is acne.

They appear in puberty and last for several years until the hormonal status is regulated. The skin of the face, and often the skin of the back as well, are susceptible to acne of various degrees of severity. If it is the case of the easiest to treat, teenage acne, then a series of peelings, prescribed therapy, and home care are crucial. However, more complicated acne may require therapy that is taken orally for at least six months, as ordered and controlled by a dermatologist, our consultant. We will look into the condition of the liver and, if everything is in order, the dermatologist will prescribe vitamin A supplementation.



The best thing we can do is to penetrate the deep dermis with a special Fotona laser robot and burn the causative agent with laser energy, while at the same time improving the condition of the skin structures in terms of sebum regulation.

After the acne period men may be left with scars if it was cystic acne. We will choose either the Fotona laser treatment or the Morpheus8 treatment, which can even out deep scars as well.


Carefully researched and selected, our Diolaze has the gold standard diode laser, but also a 755 nm wavelength for lighter hairs, so it will successfully solve the problem with as little pain as possible and in just a few sessions.

We believe that hairs may easily bother you if they are on your

  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Cheekbones, sideburns
  • Fingers

At Medibella we work with all laser wavelengths that can treat all colours of hairs on all skin colour subtypes in our safe, painless and fast  way.


We at the Medibella have the EM Sculpt Matrix, the ideal method to get abs with no painstaking exercise. There is a special program for men that does exactly that. It is very useful after long breaks in exercising, since the carefully selected protocol causes no pain in the muscles, and the result is as if you had been exercising for a long time. In just 4 treatments over 2 weeks, there is already definition and a loss of centimetres. However, if the situation calls for it, more treatments may be needed. Abdominal muscles treatment lasts for 30 minutes. On the same day you can also add thighs or arms exercises, for an additional 30 minutes.


Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling means there are 24 needles that penetrate into the skin to the depth of up to 4 mm, depending on the individual requirements, and cause microinjuries and thus also regenerative processes in the skin. The result is an even appearance of the skin, smoothing out small wrinkles, and reducing deeper wrinkles.

With the right timing of your first visit, we can do other procedures as well that will maintain youth. Radiage Pellevé can be used from the age of 25 onwards. It tightens collagen and the face does not change for years.

FOR MEN’S FACE – LASER ANTI AGE TREATMENT tightens the skin, minimises wrinkles, resolves scars.


When we have Fotona Dynamys Pro laser and Morpheus8, it seems that it is enough to fight ageing.

Those great devices are here to “save” on the quantity of hyaluronic fillers. However, hyaluronic fillers are necessary to give contours to the thin face of a man on a keto diet, making it look smoother and more hydrated, and thus younger as well. This is a rather new use of fillers for men. To form male cheekbones, to form the jaw to be more masculine, and the chin as well. Wrinkles become smoother. The aim is not for them to completely disappear, but it can also be done if it is your wish.

Hyaluronic fillers must be of a larger molecular size for thick male skin, and the desired result is usually not completely smoothed out skin like it is for women.

Hydrolifting, hyaluronan skin repair or facial contouring are an integral part of applying hyaluronic acid to a man’s face.


Neurotoxin can put a stop to wrinkles, give a relaxed and peaceful look to the face, and prevent underarm sweating. Many men, when they start using Neurotoxin in time, never develop wrinkles on the forehead or around the eyes and always look rested and radiant. That is why a smooth forehead, a sign of calmness and composure, has become a real status symbol.

Ideally you can come for your Neurotoxin as a couple. Beautiful couples who always look younger than their age are in fashion.


Our customer care team is conscientious and responds quickly to requests during clinic hours. We don’t want to delay your problems, so requests that are received outside of the clinic’s working hours will be solved as soon as possible!