anti-wrinkle treatments

The most often performed aesthetic treatment in the world, Neurotoxin, is also one of the treatments we find indispensable.

You will be surprised how much Neurotoxin pleasantly changes your appearance, and even works on your nervousness a little bit.

Why do it with us? Our doctor has been using Neurotoxin on her patients for 15 years now, and on herself as well, and everyone has kept coming for new doses for a long time. Along with other procedures, it makes them 10 years younger.

Are you a candidate for removal of wrinkles from the forehead and around the eyes?

Worry lines, laugh lines, “umbrellas”

In addition to steady concentration or hard work giving us worry lines, there are also laugh lines. The lines around the eyes are called crow’s feet, although we can call them after the legs of any little bird. A long time ago, a friend called them “umbrellas”, and that name remained because it fits.

You are a candidate for Neurotoxin

If your 30th birthday is around the corner

You are young, you look good, you think there is no need to do anything about ageing. You use facial expressions, unconsciously raise your eyebrows a lot. Wrinkles now already have a slight tendency to appear at the site of frequent muscle use. They are called surprise lines. Affectation lines is perhaps a better name.


You are young, 35 years old

You work a lot, have a demanding job, lots of responsibility… Your thinking and focus inevitably make wrinkles above your nose, on your forehead. Worry lines. . But you need not worry to get them. Just focus and concentrate, that is enough. Wrinkles are even named after the number 11 that they resemble. People call them elevens, although there can be only one as well. Look at your parent to see what number awaits you.

You are 40 and over

An ideal candidate for Neurotoxin, so that you are not late, so that we can smooth out the already present wrinkles with a good laser treatment.

50, 60 years of age

In your fifties, Neurotoxin will soften the already formed wrinkles if it is the first time you go for it. If you have already had it previously, it is only a maintenance treatment. We recommend other rejuvenating treatments first, Laser Fotona 4D lifting, Morpheus8. Although it is usually said that you should not do Neurotoxin after the age of 60 or 65, it still can be done after a proper and favourable assessment.

What is Neurotoxin and why are we afraid? Let us clarify

You should know that it is hyperdiluted and has a predictable effect. Neurotoxin is applied to calm down excessive and unconscious facial expressions and prevent the formation of wrinkles or erase the existing ones. It is applied as a mini-mini dose of the substance that the company Allergan has refined and adapted to the maximum possible degree.

Answers to the questions from various questionnaires used for studies all over the world showed that Neurotoxin is one of the three treatments that visibly rejuvenate.

Neurotoxin and hyaluronic fillers, lip filling and filling wrinkles, are the three procedures that give an unfailing and immediate effect of rejuvenation.

There is no reason for fear since it is the doctor, with his or her knowledge and proper application, who controls the dose and the point of the targeted muscle. That is why it is important to have someone who knows how to do it for you, to always see the same doctor for it. Mistakes happen only when laymen or the inexperienced do Neurotoxin aiming for the points that are most often seen on the Internet. A lot of other information is needed for Neurotoxin to have its full effect.

Forehead wrinkles, worry lines, surprise lines, concentration lines, they can all be removed after the application and, on a younger face, we can even prevent their appearance. As for already visible wrinkles with creases in the skin, only a trace of them will remain, to be corrected by mesotherapy, or, if the wrinkle is very deep, we can add a filler where needed.

How we do Neurotoxin wrinkle smoothing?

You should come for your procedure with no make-up. It goes without saying that we will prepare your forehead and the area around the eyes to be super clean. In 15-20 minutes we will test how the muscles work and identify the points for injection. It is a very brief procedure. No anaesthesia is needed. You have to be prepared for a few pricks that hurt a bit, but no one has complained so far. Anaesthesia for Neurotoxin on the face is not done, but when is used on the armpits to stop sweating*, it can be applied. This is because the anaesthesia itself has a certain effect on the skin and can influence the distribution of Neurotoxin. Neurotoxin “doesn’t like” any other preparations and we have to respect that.

The reason for this is because it needs some time to be distributed into certain points, to act on the SNAR complex, i.e. the transmission of impulses from the nerve to the muscle, to inhibit acetylcholine, the transmitter needed for the transmission and muscle contractions in general.

That is why it is recommended to rest and relax after the procedure. Upright position, without bending over, straining, lifting loads. Also, no exposure to heat, no sunbathing… This should last for one hour, but we recommend extending it to 4 hours.

The result does not show immediately, but a few days later; it takes up to 7 days for all the effects to develop. We control the effects after 2 weeks. The first Neurotoxin treatments slowly start to lose thier effect after 3 months, and they can be renewed after 4 months.

Ideally the brain “gets used” to the fact that it will not receive a response from the muscles to which it sends unconscious signals, and then it no longer sends them. This is how Neurotoxin effects can be prolonged.

Neurotoxin paradox is about the positive effect on the psyche: no frowning, no problems, so actually it may help you feel carefree, relaxed and comfortable.

Remember that immediately before and after Neurotoxin you are not to do any fitness exercises, go to the sauna, sunbathe, have teas, drink alcohol, or take aspirin-based medications.

And for 48 hours you are to avoid intense exercise and hot baths

Contraindications for Neurotoxin are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Common cold
  • Coagulopathy
  • Acute and chronic skin infections in the application site


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